Learning to Express Your Emotions

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Learning to Express Your Emotions

Emotions are part of our everyday lives. Sometimes it can seem like our feelings control our thinking and actions to the point that we are not in control. Experiencing and expressing emotions are integral parts of life. But for many people emotions remain mysterious, confusing and difficult to express in a constructive way.

Learning to identify the connection between your feelings and specific events (or stressors) in your life can take time.  It is important to learn how to address your emotions in a healthy manner.

Often our feelings relate to ‘our interpretation’ of events more than to the events themselves.  Your interpretations may seem so rapid (or automatic) that you do not realize they are happening. When your emotional reaction is disproportionate to the event, it is likely because your rapid (undetected) interpretation of that event rather than the event itself. Examining this further may help you gain perspective on your emotional reactions and understanding them better.

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