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Caleb Howald, LCSW

"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them"Albert Einstein

Albert was right! Hello! I'm Caleb and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in the field for the last eight years. I am originally from Illinois and moved to Colorado‚Äôs western slope in 2014.  While there I obtained my Master of Social Work from the University of Denver and then moved to Denver to begin my practice.  If I am not doing therapy with folks, I am hiking the trails, kayaking, snowboarding, playing with my dogs or finding a new frisbee golf course.

I strive to present a person-centered approach, to first listen to what the needs and goals are, then striving to meet everyone exactly where they are in life. I focus on authenticity and therapeutic alliance, basing my work with clients on a mutual and unconditional positive regard.

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